Small bedroom ideas: How to make the most of your space (2024)

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean comprising on style or functionality.

With clever design tricks, you can maximise your space to create a beautiful and well-organised room to relax in. Here, we explore some small bedroom ideas to inspire, from tips on making rooms feel larger to how to create a statement look.

Small bedroom decorating ideas

Install bespoke storage in small bedrooms

A common issue with small bedrooms is having enough storage to keep the space tidy and clutter free and create a relaxing atmosphere. While traditional pieces such as bedside tables, wardrobes and shelving units can be practical, one of our favourite storage ideas for small bedrooms is investing in bespoke.

“For every project we tend to start with storage as one of the key elements, analysing the layout and studying the various options to creatively consider the best solution. This is even more important in smaller bedrooms where floor space is very limited and can soon be overloaded,” explains Caroline Milns, head of interior design at Zulufish. “Why not add a focal point above the bed with cleverly recessed shelving. This not only offers a practical solution with precious storage, that can negate the need for bedside tables, but can also offer a focal point with a display of treasured photographs, art and mementos, adding personality and character.”

Make the most of architectural features

If located in attic rooms or created by dividing a larger room into separate spaces, small bedrooms can feature unusual angles and shapes. One of the best ways to deal with these is to fully embrace them when decorating – wallpapering can be particularly effective. “Celebrate any architectural shapes and angles that your bedroom may have, such as alcoves or sloped ceilings, by papering into every corner of the room. This can be a practical solution for any difficult perspectives, working to draw the eye upwards, creating height and a wonderfully cocooning feel,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

Botanical all-over leafy designs are a fantastic choice for bedrooms, delivering an enchanting and enveloping feel that brings the tranquil atmosphere of the forest canopy into the home as well as creating a sense of escapism.”

Decorate small bedrooms with a soft palette

Using rich, dark tones to create a cosy, cocooning feel in a tiny bedroom can be effective but this doesn’t mean lighter colours don’t have a place too. “I feel there is  certainly a place for a calmer and more elegant scheme in bedrooms, where we are searching for a serene and soporific environment that also delivers design personality,” says Richard Smith, founder of Madeaux. “Opting for a softer colour palette is a brilliant way of creating a restful environment that is restorative, offering a moment of escape. Balancing the colour palette with touches of white will ensure there is a sense of harmony within the room, whilst also maintaining a feeling of freshness and vitality.”

Create zones to make small bedrooms feel calm and organised

An essential element of bedroom design is creating a restful atmosphere. “Bedrooms are a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the day. They should be charming and always inviting, whether for guests or in your own personal space,” says Rebecca Craig, lead designer at Sanderson. “Sectioning small rooms with fabrics and papers can help to bring a calmness to sleep spaces, a haven for rest. Using made-to-measure curtains to create a hide and seek spot, somewhere secluded for warmth and comfort, is a lovely way to enhance a room. Selecting a fabric in a charming print as the curtain screen, adds interest and fun and, when layered with contrasting patterns, you can create a cosy, yet defined space, dedicated to treasured things.”

Layer prints and colours for added depth

While keeping patterns and colours limited can foster a calming space, don’t be afraid to mix hues and prints for a more characterful look in a small bedroom. “I think smaller prints and patterns layered up work well in a little room,” says interior designer Georgie Wykeham. “If the room is for guests or more occasional use it is fun to go quite over the top with this.” Wallpaper is an effective way to introduce print into a small bedroom, but for a subtler look, try incorporating patterned cushions, bedding or bedside accessories such as lampshades.

Opt for a statement wallpaper

Statement wallpapers may seem like they would be too overwhelming for a small bedroom, however they can help the room to feel bigger. “There may be a tendency to be a little hesitant to introduce pattern and colour in smaller bedrooms, in case it could be overwhelming, but on the contrary, statement wallpapers can create a wonderfully cocooning and characterful space that is a joy to come home to,” says James Watson, Managing Director at 1838 Wallcoverings.

“Statement designs can also cleverly create a trompe l’oeil effect, by drawing the eye and making a smaller bedroom actually feel larger. Opt for a softer palette when papering all four walls to bring a sense of lightness and maintain a feeling of space. If you are opting for more of a feature wallpaper that celebrates a mix of both pattern and colour, think about papering just the wall behind the bed, this will create a sense of drama whilst still in harmony within the overall framework of the room.”

Create a cosy feel in a small bedroom

Small bedroom ideas often focus on how to make the room look or feel bigger, but sometimes the most effective thing to do is embrace the limited amount of space. A snug, cosy bedroom will welcome you each evening and provide a safe place to relax and forget about the stresses of the day. To maximise the cosiness, opt for richer colours such navy blue, burgundy or forest green and pair these with materials such as dark woods and tactile velvets. For a finishing touch, layer beds with quilts and cushions for a truly comforting and luxurious feel.

Opt for a space-saving bed in small guest bedrooms

When decorating small guest bedrooms, it’s important to choose flexible pieces of furniture which can allow the space to be used for other functions when visitors aren’t staying. Sofa beds or beds that can be folded or packed away are a great space-saving option. Pictured here, Loaf’s ‘Bed in a Bun’ features a handy mattress that folds out of an ottoman-style piece of furniture. Another option for versatile furniture is doubling up a small footstool as a side table or extra seat.

Decorate with your favourite patterns and colours

A place to retreat from the busy world outside, a bedroom of any size needs to feel warm and welcoming. Decorating with treasured heirlooms or favourite patterns and colours will ensure your bedroom feels inviting and a space of your own. “Small bedrooms are often the most fun to curate,” says Jessica Clayworth, lead designer at Morris & Co. “I’d always start by thinking where you want the eye to rest. If you’re getting creative with smaller spaces, consider if or where you want a focal point. Pattern is great for this, as crafting a space with a design you’re instantly drawn to means there’s always a little bit of ‘you’ reflected back.”

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Small bedroom ideas: How to make the most of your space (2024)
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