Simple Spring Mantle Decor (2024)

Our Spring Mantle this year has a bit of a farm house flair using ideas I found on Pinterest. I added my own twist to create cheap and easy spring decor.

Simple Spring Mantle Decor (1)

Have you heard the phrase ‘use what you have’ or ‘shop your own home first’? That is exactly what I was trying to accomplish following Valentine’s when I was ready to style my mantle for Spring. My goal was to create a simple mantlescape without spending any money.

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How much do you love a good challenge?

In case you’re new to the blog, the purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month’s challenge is about Spring Crafts/DIY Projects, so I chose create a Simple Spring Mantle using ideas gathered from several Pins I recently saved.


The first thing you may notice on our mantle is the gorgeous clock. It is our solution to the problem this early 2000’s style mantle created with the deep opening. Our home was built around 2007 when flat screen Television sets had not taken over quite yet. We still had those monstrosities of a TV with deep back sides. Folks had begun to build homes with deep mantles like this one for the purpose of housing the TV. Clever, right! Sure, until those TV’s went out of style and you are left with a giant deep mantle like this one.

It was nice our first Christmas in the house when we styled the area with my Mom’s Christmas village because there are electric outlets installed. Now I am just always staring at it thinking of how to deal with it short of having a contractor come in and conduct a mantleectomy!

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My small dough bowl is placed in front of my large dough bowl which remains empty. If I had filled the larger dough bowl, it would hide the clock. The large dough bowl has been displayed on the mantle before. It works well to fill that large empty space and create a little layering.

This Pin which is actually from Pottery Barn was my inspiration for using a small dough bowl as the centerpiece on this mantle and styling it with candles and greenery.


There is always extra greenery in the craft room. When I create floral centerpieces or tabletop decor I tend to hoard, I mean save any extra greenery. You never know when those small tidbits might come in handy like right now.

Candles are a home decor necessity so I do have plenty of those as well and want more! Y’all I saw some mantles on Pinterest with nothing but tons of candles all the way across. It was really breathtaking!

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Styling The Dough Bowl

My small dough bowl is just that, small. It won’t really hold too much but I managed to tuck in about five candles. I like the odd number. The two smallest candles are resting on the tiny pot the cactus came in from the dollar store. Those are left over from this Americana wreath I made a while back.

After adding the candles, I tucked the greenery in on each end. It was necessary to stuff one end with paper to prop the greenery on to hold it up high enough.

It can all be deconstructed easily so the dough bowl, candles and greenery can all be used again. Frugal living, I love it!

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Simple Spring Mantle Decor (7)


Books are a handy decorating tool for any season. For this spring mantle I decided to use various tones of blue so I selected books with blue in the covers from my vintage book collection. I have used books on my mantle before which you can see in this Simple Patriotic Mantle.

The small candle on the left is perched atop the lid from the Mason jar. Isn’t that a nice farmhouse style touch? One stem of a faux Spider plant displayed in that wonderful vintage blue Mason jar adds the greenery to this end of the mantle.

This Pin which I came across with the search terms ‘spring mantle’ inspired me because it confirmed the idea of pairing candles, greenery and books. Cheap and easy mantle decor folks. That is always the goal!

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This end of the mantle is located near a small sitting area, seen here. The fireplace is flanked on both sides by windows facing the back yard. There is plenty of light filling the room from those windows as well as the transom windows reflected in the clock from the front door. So there is plenty of light for houseplants in this area.

Decorating with houseplants is always fun. They add an element of nature to home decor and are generally speaking a cheap decor solution.

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Arrowhead Plant or Arrowhead Vine is the name of the plant I used for my spring mantle. It came in a dish garden with seven more plants a little more than a year ago. I separated each plant from the dish garden into their own containers to allow them to grow larger. This arrowhead plant has done the best of them all.

I have been using Egg Shell Water for my houseplants for as many years as I have had my own home and we won’t discuss that length of time.

The Spring decor vignette I created on this end of the mantle is really simple, inspired by this Pin.


The hearth is decorated simply with a Snake Plant and an over-sized pillow. I don’t even remember how many times I have divided that one Snake Plant. If you struggle with growing houseplants, you should be able to grow this one! It is hearty and easy to care for.

I learned to make Envelope Pillow Covers years ago when I gifted myself a sewing machine. Pillows are cheap decor folks. If you can learn to make an envelope pillow cover, you can change your throw pillows with every season and always have fresh decor!


My Simple Spring Mantle was created by shopping my home for what I already own. It was fun to create by mixing and matching things until I found the right combination. First, I looked for inspiration on Pinterest and then I implemented those Pins that inspired me the most.

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Simple Spring Mantle Decor (2024)
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