96 Stylish And Inspiring Spring Table Decoration Ideas - DigsDigs (2024)

What should a spring table look like? Bright and fresh! Here are some ideas for a spring décor: to make it fresh, add fresh spring flowers, plants or even moss, take plants according to the colors you’ve chosen. Daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, gerberas of amazing spring colors would enliven your table and become a perfect centerpiece at the same time. Flower patterned tablecloths and napkins, colorful tableware would help you to create a cheerful atmosphere in combination with green grass in pots. Have a look at some more ideas we’ve gathered for you and get inspired!

Spring Tablescapes

A spring tablescape is easy to create: choose a style first, then colors you like and go! I strongly recommend to incorporate some pastel colors, which are traditionally spring ones, or go for bright shades to welcome the season. Go for bright details: napkins, runners, tablecloths, placemats, chargers, glasses and cutlery. Flowers should be present on your table! Go for spring blooms or even bulbs and create a centerpiece you like, add blooms to each place setting and don’t forget greenery and moss – they will give a fresh feel to the table. If you want to hint on Easter, feel free to add bunnies, fake nests and eggs.

a bright and fresh spring table setting with a yellow and spring floral centerpiece, wicker chargers, a white runner and yellow napkins

a colorful rustic spring setting with a burlap tablecloth, bright floral centerpieces and plates

an off-white tablecloth, yellow printed placemats, yellow tulips and branches for centerpieces

a bright pink and blue spring tablescape with blooms, candles and colorful porcelain

floral print porcelain, a green napkin and some flowers

a colorful spring table setting with bright floral centerpieces, colorful napkins and glasses

a green printed tablecloth, lush white and yellow flower centerpieces for spring

a super bright and colorful table setting in Moroccan style, with pink blooms, colorful napkins and runners and bright pillows

a colorful spring tablescape done in purple, pink and pistachio green plus greenery in pots

a colorful spring tablescape with a bright orange jug, pink napkins and blooms

a neutral spring tablescape with white porcelain, white tulips centerpieces and faux chicken

a neutral spring tablescape with ombre peachy pink jars, blue vases and blooming cherry branches

a green and white sprign table setting with green placemats, greenery and bloom centerpieces and little terrariums

a hot yellow spring tablescape with a bright tablecloth, yellow roses and napkins

add color to your table setting with bright floral centerpieces in buckets for a rustic feel

a pastel spring tablescape with pastel tin cans instead of vases and spring blooms, pastel plates and chargers

a colorful spring tablescape with a peachy pink tablecloth, bright tulip centrpieces in baskets, and gilded touches

a fresh spring table setting with colorful bloom centerpieces, white napkins, a green runner and white porcelain

a pastel spring tablescape in powder blue and white, with striped textiles and a neutral floral centerpiece

a fresh green and white spring tablescape with lace runners and placemats and a white tulip centerpiece

a bright green spring tablescape with a green runner and plates and fresh grass centerpieces

a simply bright spring tablescape with yellow napkins, yellow tulips, patterned plates

a colorful spring tablescape done in orange and blues with a vintage feel

a spring table setting with a moss runner, colorful blooms and lanterns

a bright spring table setting with colorful floral centerpieces, gilded touches and an uncovered table

a bright spring table setting with navy napkins and a table runner, wicker chargers and blue porcelain and pink and white floral centerpieces

a bright spring tablescape with wicker chargers, checked napkins, a pastel floral centerpiece and some mercury glass accessories

a colorful spring table setting with a bright floral centerpiece, wicker chargers, blue candle holders, yellow napkins

a colorful spring table setting with dairy and baby's breath centerpieces, yellow and white porcelain and touches of turquoise

a colorful spring table setting with pink napkins, a floral table runner, wooden beads and striped candles plus pink glass

a colorful spring tablescape with bright glasses, a bright floral centerpiece, woven placemats and a runner

a colorful spring tablescape with bright yellow placemats, prited floral porcelain and lots of colorful tulips

a cute rustic spring table setting with floral porcelain, striped textiles, a lavenver and eucalyptus centerpiece

a fish scale runner, pink candles, a bright tulips centerpiece, wicker chargers and printed napkins

a fresh farmhouse tablescape with striped napkins, an olive branch centerpiece and gold cutlery

a fresh modern spring table setting with a striped table runner, checked plates, wicker chargers, greenery and white tulips

a fresh modern spring tablescape with a white floral centerpiece with lemon slices, wicker chargers, printed bunny napkins

a fresh spring place setting with a vine and greenery charger, bunny printed plates, a striped napkin and tulip centerpieces

a fresh spring table with wicker chargers, blue and pink glasses, little eggs and greenery plus a lush centerpiece

a fresh spring tablescape in green and cremay, with branches, hydrangeas and striped plates

a fresh spring tablescape with a striped table runner, black matte chargers, white porcelain and white tulips centerpieces

a modenr spring tablescape with bright floral centerpieces, blush napkins and geometric touches

a modern colorful spring tablescape with succulents, pink roses, colorful plates and wicker chargers

a modern farmhouse spring table setting with blue and white porcelain, pink tulips and a faux nest with eggs

a modern spring table setting with wooden placemats, much fresh greenery and moss, candles and wooden cutlery

a modern spring tablescape with white and blush blooms and greenery, grey napkins, a striped runner and cool glasses

a neutral runner, a colorful floral centerpiece, candles, gilded cutlery and pastel plates for a vibrant look

a neutral spring tablescape with pastel glasses and blooms is added drama with dark wicker chargers

a pastel vintage-inspired tablescape with a baby's breath centerpiece, wicker chargers, blue napkins and bunny ear napkin rings

a refined colorful spring tablescape with a bright floral centerpiece, purple candles, printed plates and chargers

a simple and modern wedidng tablescape with a white table runner, tulip centerpieces, wicker chargers and white porcelain

a spring tablescape with bright porcelain, a colorful floral centerpiece, a eucalyptus runner, candles and pink napkins

a tender spring tablescape done in the shades of pink, with matte porcelain, blush candles and spring blooms in vases

a thrifted spring table setting with pink tulips, grene glasses, a moss runner and a greenery centerpiece

a vintage-inspired sprign table setting with navy printed napkins, a white and blue floral centerpiece and printed porcelain

a vintage-inspired spring tablescape with pink glass, pink tulips in vases and a lace table runner

blooming branches in glass bottles and a wicker basket, blooming branch card holders, a striped runner for a neutral spring look

Spring Place Settings And Centerpieces

Need some ideas for a spring centerpiece? Make a tulip centerpiece in a vase, go for daffodils wrapped with moss, create a centerpiece of potted greenery and moss, make fresh runners of greenery and bright blooms. Place settings can be spruced up with wicker chargers, catchy runners and placemats, add spring blooms to each setting. You may add eggs to hold cards, go for funny bunnies and other stuff to style the table for Easter. Get inspired by the ideas you see!

a simple pastel place setting with a floral napkin, a green placemat and a flower

a bright spring centerpiece of a large glass vase and colorful spring tulips

a simple centerpiece of a mirror, blue beads, candles and a colorful bloom centerpiece

a cheery sprign centerpiece with glasses filled with yellow water and blooms to add color

colorful glasses with spring bulbs are a cool modern centerpiece idea

potted succulents, greenery topiaries and spring bulbs in planters for a spring centerpiece

a simple spring palce setting with printed porcelain and napkins, with a fresh bloom centerpiece

a bright hydrangea spring centerpiece in blue and green for your tablescape

a fresh spring centerpiece with billy ball centerpieces

a colorful place setting with a faux grass and bloom placemat and a hot pink bloom centerpiece

simple neutral wildflower centerpieces are always good for a spring table

a cute spring place setting done in green and purple and an egg card holder

a pastel place setting with printed plates and chargers, pastel glasses, greenery and moss

a bright spring centerpiece of yellow blooms, moss and bulbs

a bright navy and yellow place setting with various patterns

a bright yellow floral centerpiece is a great idea for a spring table setting

a chic spring tablescape with green and yellow centerpieces, green napkins and candles

a modern place setting with a lush fern, moss and greenery centerpiece

a simple pink tulip centerpiece is a cool idea for spring

a colorful place setting in green, pink and with candle lanterns

a super bright spring centerpiece with pink, blush, green and yellow blooms and moss

a green and pink spring place setting with a tulip

a chic place setting with white plates, a yellow napkin, a yellow bowl and a lemon

a pink and blue place setting with bright plates, hydrangeas and butterflies

pastel blooms are always a nice idea to add a spring feel to your table

a neutral spring table setting with bright floral centerpieces in purple and yellow

white vases with cherry blossom are perfect as spring centerpieces

spring bulbs in pots wrapped with moss are great for centerpieces

spring bulbs wrapped with moss and placed on a wooden plank

a neutral floral centerpiece is great for spring

daffodils in vases and pots and some funny bunnies for a centerpiece

a bright spring centerpiece of a tool box with colorful blooms

a colorful place setting with striped and polka dot plates and colorful glasses

a place setting with a burlap placemat, yellow bloom centerpieces

growing tulips are a perfect spring centerpiece

a vintage-inspired place setting with a vine charger, a tulip centerpiece and patterned porcelain

a bright spring place setting with a grass centerpiece, green apples and pink as the main color

a spring place setting with printed blue plates and purple blooms

welcome spring with lush lilac centerpieces, candles, floral plates, white napkins and neutral cutlery

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96 Stylish And Inspiring Spring Table Decoration Ideas - DigsDigs (2024)


How do you set a chic table? ›

Place a salad fork to the left of the dinner fork and a soup spoon to the right of the teaspoon. Above the plates, add a dessert spoon. Place the bread plate on the top left, a few inches above the fork. Lay a butter knife on top of the plate at an angle with the blade facing left.

How to decorate a table for cheap? ›

  1. Mason jar centerpieces: Fill mason jars with fresh flowers, twinkle lights, or candles for a rustic and romantic look.
  2. DIY floral arrangements: Purchase bulk flowers and greenery and arrange them in vases or containers of your choice for a custom and budget-friendly centerpiece.
Mar 2, 2023

What do you put on a table for decoration? ›

Flowers, candles and vases are all excellent items to use as centerpieces for you table decor. When using these, try to stick to odd numbers. This is more pleasing to the eye and helps create a sense of balance.

How do you make a spring table centerpiece? ›

Spool Spring Centerpiece

Insert a bunch of flowers into wooden bobbins of varying sizes. To make the flowers last as long as possible, fill the base with floral foam and dampen it with a straw.

What makes a good centerpiece? ›

It's all in the color, the texture, and the variety. After all, a centerpiece can incorporate more than just flowers, although flowers are often the starring element of the show. Otherwise, you can have a free-for-all by incorporating all types of additions. Select those based on the occasion.

What is a casual but elegant table setting? ›

What makes a table setting casual yet elegant? A table setting with the essentials—a spoon, dinner knife, dinner fork, napkin, dinner plate, and glass—plus coordinating table linen makes for a casual, yet elegant dinner setting.

What is the most popular form of centerpiece? ›

The most popular type of centerpiece is a vase of flowers. What is a good centerpiece for a kitchen table? A vignette centerpiece is a great centerpiece for a kitchen table.

How do you make a table look expensive? ›

The key is the right combination of silhouettes and materials. Try to pick pieces that speak the same visual language—even if they're working with contrasting styles. Pair a traditional table with acrylic chairs. Or buy a modern table and flank it with French country dining chairs and a mid-century style bench.

What is an example of a centerpiece? ›

Flowers are often the first thing that come to mind when you think of centerpiece ideas. Artificial floral arrangements featuring pastel roses bring a soft touch perfect for the season. Place arrangements in clear glass or vintage vases or lay a long garland down the center of the table for a rustic and romantic feel.

How do you make a simple table decoration? ›

Line floral arrangements down your table―if you don't have enough vases, cake tins, jelly molds, and small ice buckets make surprisingly pretty containers. For a bit of illumination, you can also add a few flameless candles in between arrangements.

What is a decoration for the center of a table? ›

If you're placing multiple items in the center then you can use a mixture of books, candles, plants, or storage solutions (like baskets or trays) to decorate the center. However, if you're only looking to place one thing on your table, larger items—like a plant—that can serve as an effective focal point are best!

How do you make a table look fancy? ›

  1. Create height on the table by stacking plates and bowls and decorate with tall vases or candlesticks.
  2. Ensure your tablecloth, porcelain and interior details match each other for a uniform look.
  3. Decorate the table with cloth napkins for a luxurious feeling.

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