35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (2024)

As we opt to spend more time in our homes, kitchens and living rooms are not the only spaces in the house that are getting a lot of attention lately. Bathrooms are transforming from functional rooms that we use only when necessary to more luxurious spaces where we unwind, relax and recharge. Think of your bathroom as your personal spa-like wellness center in your home that you can escape to any time you need.

This shift means you need to consider both form and function when tackling any renovation project. Whether you're reconfiguring your primary bathroom, updating your finishings, or finally tackling that small bathroom in the basem*nt, we have many great bathroom design ideas that can help you create a space you'll love. You can easily use a bathroom planner to plan your bathroom design before doing the actual work.

Useful bathroom remodeling project tips

When it comes to bathroom redesign ideas, planning out your projects makes all the difference. Whether you’re looking for bathroom shower design ideas or want to update your tiny bathroom, you don’t have to be an interior designer to get it done. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your bathroom remodeling project.

Use unusual tile shapes to create drama and visual interest

Utilizing unconventional tile shapes is a great way to add drama and visual interest to your bathroom. Rather than relying solely on patterns and colors, consider the impact of intricate tile shapes on your bathroom backsplash, floors, or showers.

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Shapes like hexagons, fish scales, and arabesque can transform a simple bathroom into a dynamic space, engaging the eye and giving a modern twist to traditional designs. Geometric shapes, such as diamonds or chevrons, can introduce movement and flow, while softer, curved lines in pebble or wave shapes can foster a more tranquil, spa-like bathroom.

Include exotic stone for a stand-out feature

Introducing exotic stone into your bathroom design can be a game-changer, setting your space apart with a sense of elegance and uniqueness. Traditional stones like marble and granite are commonly used and beautiful, but imagine the opulence of a vanity or shower decked out in rarer and exotic stones like onyx, quartzite, soapstone or travertine.

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While exotic stones can increase your home's value, they are also more expensive. If you want that custom look, consider a lookalike. Technology has advanced to the point where high-quality porcelain tiles can be manufactured to closely replicate these precious stones, offering a cost-effective and durable alternative while still achieving that luxurious look.

Be smart about storage

Storage is an important component of any bathroom design. Keep extra rolls of paper and cleaning products tucked away behind cupboards and in drawers while only keeping the essentials out. You can also integrate hidden storage compartments within your bathroom furniture to maintain a minimalist and tidy appearance.

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Invest in raw materials

Consider incorporating raw materials like wood, stone or even concrete for a more natural and rustic feel in your bathroom. Reclaimed wood is an excellent option for adding warmth and character to the space, while stone elements can bring an earthy texture. Concrete is also becoming a popular choice for its industrial and modern appeal. These materials not only create a unique atmosphere but are also durable and easy to maintain.

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Install modern bathroom windows

Adding floor-to-ceiling windows in a bathroom can transform the space into a standout design element. These expansive windows act as a natural focal point and invite abundant natural light. Use minimalist decor and a restrained color palette to ensure the windows remain the visual centerpiece. Use the outdoor scenery to complement your bathroom design to add tranquility and elegance.

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Use stone mosaic on shower walls

Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bathroom using stone mosaic tiles in your shower. The different textures and patterns of the stones add depth and interest while creating an eye-catching feature in the room. You can also use different tile patterns like herringbone to create an accent wall behind the vanity or bathtub, adding a sophisticated focal point.

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Harness calming colors to create a tranquil oasis

When selecting a color palette for your bathroom, aim for hues that instill tranquility and calmness. Soft neutrals like creamy whites or gentle beiges can serve as a backdrop that soothes the senses. Incorporate elements like natural wood cabinets with white bathroom fixtures and green glass tiles in a watery, translucent finish.

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Make bathroom heating a standout feature

When considering upgrades to your bathroom, don't overlook the comfort that heated floors and towel racks can provide. Heated flooring not only adds immediate tactile warmth but can also increase the overall ambient temperature of the space. As for heated towel racks, they serve the dual purpose of drying towels faster, reducing mildew, and ensuring you have a warm towel after a bath or shower.

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Primary (master) bathroom remodel ideas

When it comes to designing your primary bathroom (also referred to as a master bathroom), features like double sinks, sleek faucets and quartz countertops are often used to create that luxury hotel-like vibe. Here are some other great ideas to turn your bathroom into your private oasis.

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Create a seamless transition between your bedroom and ensuite

Creating a harmonious flow between the bedroom and ensuite bathroom elevates your primary suite's overall aesthetic and experience. By echoing design elements such as color schemes, patterns, and materials from the bedroom into the bathroom, you can create a continuity that enhances the feeling of a private retreat.

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Install a sauna

For the ultimate home retreat, consider installing a sauna. It can be a luxurious addition to your bathroom, providing a space to relax and rejuvenate. Opt for glass walls or stylish paneling to ensure your sauna seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. There are many options available when it comes to home saunas, with a variety of wooden finishes to choose from. Take your time to find the perfect one that fits your space and complements your decor.

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Splurge with freestanding twin tubs

To create a decadent spa-like escape, install two freestanding tubs. These deep soaking tubs are reminiscent of a luxurious spa where you're pampered while enjoying a relaxing retreat. Add candles or a chandelier above the tubs to create a romantic ambiance. With double tubs, you can transform your bathroom into an elegant retreat that will be the envy of all your friends. So why settle for one tub when you can have two?

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Double up on showers for a spa vibe

Another great way to recreate that spa feeling is with two showers. Forgo the massive shower with twin shower heads and a shower bench, and opt for two separate shower stalls instead. This allows you and your partner to have your own personal space while still enjoying the benefits of a steamy hot shower. Consider adding built-in shelves or niches for storing all your bath products. Use glass doors to show off that tile work and create a seamless transition between the shower floor and the rest of the room.

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Create a vanity wall

If you have a spacious bathroom, create a dedicated space for a vanity wall. Combine a dark wooden cabinet with a large mirror and comfortable seating to create a space uniquely yours. Choose a cabinet with plenty of storage space to keep your accessories organized and out of sight. You can also use vintage lighting to complete the look.

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Include an industrial partition

For a unique twist on the classic bathroom design, consider incorporating an industrial partition. This element adds texture and dimension to the space while also serving as a functional divider for different areas of the bathroom. Whether it's made of metal, opaque glass, or wood, a partition can add an edgy and modern touch to any bathroom design.

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Ideas for small bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom ideas for small spaces, there are plenty of tricks to use, even in the smallest space, to make it look larger.

Go for an all-white bathroom to expand the space

An all-white palette is a trick to help a small bathroom feel more spacious. White surfaces reflect more light, brightening the room and giving the illusion of a more expansive space. Using white for walls, flooring, and fixtures can blur the boundaries between surfaces, reducing visual clutter and making the room appear larger than it is. Additionally, the white bathroom can serve as a neutral backdrop for more flashy finishings and hardware.

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Expand the space with subtle visual tricks

Consider using marble tiles and wooden panels with horizontal veining to visually enlarge a compact bathroom. This design choice can create an illusion of breadth and continuity. Combine this with a scheme of light colors and reflective surfaces to foster an airier feel. Extending the wall space with marble to a floating vanity can also amplify this expansive effect.

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Incorporate natural elements, materials and color

Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that's not going away anytime soon. Incorporating natural elements like stone, wood, and plants into your bathroom design can create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

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For a statement piece, consider creating a living feature wall. This vertical garden can be filled with a variety of plants, creating a stunning display of nature within your bathroom. It can serve as a focal point and conversation starter while also bringing a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Select contemporary bathroom colors

A contemporary color scheme can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a small bathroom, creating a sense of sophistication and calm. Soothing, muted colors like cool grays, soft blues, and gentle greens can have a tranquilizing effect, creating a spa-like retreat vibe and clean lines.

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These hues can transform a traditional bath space into a stylish sanctuary when paired with modern fixtures and minimalistic decor. Moreover, these contemporary tones can also complement natural materials and textures, ensuring a cohesive and serene environment.

Create a focal point

Creating a focal point in a small bathroom can be as simple as installing a statement sink that captures attention and sets the tone for the room. A standalone basin with sculptural qualities can be a piece of art and a functional fixture. Alternatively, consider a rustic stone sink that exudes natural beauty and adds an organic touch to the space.

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Simple bathroom design ideas that work

Using window treatments, bathroom lighting and clever bathroom design ideas can transform your ordinary space into one you will want to spend more time in. From wet rooms and floating sinks to brass fixtures, you can create a space that looks as if it was designed by a professional designer.

Work in hidden storage to enhance space

Hidden storage is the key to keeping your bathroom looking uncluttered and spacious. Consider incorporating a vanity with built-in compartments and drawers to store personal items discreetly. Recessed medicine cabinets can also offer seamless storage without protruding into the space. Mirrored cabinets are also a practical solution to keeping your things hidden while reflecting more light into the room.

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Hide the toilet behind a screen

Using a see-through screen to hide the toilet can subtly delineate the space without compromising the bathroom's open feel. This functional solution offers visual privacy while keeping the toilet tucked away and creating a more organized and aesthetically pleasing environment. The transparency ensures that light flows freely throughout the space, maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere, which is particularly beneficial for smaller bathrooms where every inch of natural light counts.

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Use terrazzo for instant color and texture

Add a pop of color and texture to your bathroom with terrazzo, a composite material made up of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass set into concrete. This versatile material can be used for flooring, countertops, and even walls. It adds visual interest and depth to any design while also being durable and easy to clean. Plus, its speckled appearance can hide minor spills and stains, making it a practical choice for bathrooms.

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Accessorize to give your bathroom character

Accessories harmonize the bathroom's aesthetics, giving it a finished, cohesive look that is inviting and expressive of individual taste. Soft, plush towels in accent colors can complement the room's palette, while artisanal soaps and sleek dispensers add an element of luxury and sophistication. Choosing art that resonates with the bathroom's style can elevate the space, imbuing it with personality and creating a focal point.

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Introduce texture for interest and warmth

Wood brings a touch of organic texture, making a room feel inviting. The tactile appeal of wooden cabinets not only adds interest but also infuses the room with a timeless charm that contrasts harmoniously with the typically sleek surfaces of a bathroom. For bathrooms, pair a wooden countertop with a stone sink for visual depth.

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Go for a monochromatic bathroom scheme

A monochromatic color scheme, such as the timeless black and white, works for both classic and modern bathrooms. Achieve balance by using white walls and fixtures to keep the room fresh and spacious. Incorporate black through smaller elements and accessories—think tapware, towel rails, or patterned tiles on the floor.

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Maximize natural light with smart shutters

Make the most out of natural light using shutters instead of drapes blocking the light. For bathrooms with large and numerous windows, this solution provides privacy and allows natural light to stream in. Plus, with adjustable slats, you can control the amount of light and ventilation in your bathroom. Choose a sleek design in a neutral color to blend seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom decor.

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Combine black bathroom fittings with bold colors

Create a dynamic visual statement by using color on the wall that contrasts against dark flooring and fittings. Add some black elements to draw the eye along the lines of the tiles. This combination creates a striking interplay of color and pattern that is both modern and timeless. This design choice is a sophisticated way to inject personality and movement into any bathroom space.

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35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (35)

Use bold accessories

Adding a bold accessory, such as graphic pendant lights, can instantly draw attention and add personality to any bathroom. The contrast between the sleek, minimalist background and the intricate details of a pendant light creates a striking visual impact, offering that sought-after 'wow factor' that elevates the room's aesthetic and leaves a lasting impression.

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Incorporate greenery

Look to nature for color inspiration—shades of green, brown, and even the vibrant colors of flowers can provide a soothing palette that complements the organic ambiance created by your plants. Hanging plants can also be a smart solution as they take up no counter space and transform an empty corner into a vertical garden. Consider choosing plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns or philodendrons, which will integrate seamlessly into your bathroom.

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Rustic bathroom design ideas

Embrace the warmth and simplicity of rustic style by integrating wood floorboards and wall treatments into your bathroom design. Reclaimed wood panels with rich textures add an authentic, natural look, while wide-plank floorboards in earthy tones ground the space with sturdy charm. Wood's natural grains and knots convey a story of the past, creating a comforting and homey atmosphere. Adding wood brings the calming essence of the outdoors into your personal sanctuary, crafting a rustic retreat that exudes character.

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Maritime inspiration

Bring the ocean indoors with maritime-inspired decor. Nautical elements, such as rope accents, seashell decorations, and blue and white color schemes, can instantly make you feel like you're on a seaside getaway every time you step into your bathroom. Incorporate nautically-themed wall art or vintage ship prints to add interest to blank walls and introduce hints of coastal charm.

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Bathroom wall decor

We can’t talk about bathroom design without mentioning the importance of wall decor. While we tend to accessorize walls in other rooms, bathrooms are often neglected. Between hanging art on the wall to utilizing special features, here is how to spruce up your bathroom wall.

Creating a perception of space with wall-to-wall tiles

Utilizing wall tiles can significantly alter the perception of space. Light-colored tiles reflect more light, creating a brighter and more open-feel atmosphere. Additionally, using large-format tiles can create an illusion of a broader expanse, as fewer grout lines break the visual flow, yielding a more seamless and expansive-looking wall.

35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (41)

Dazzle with a wall of mirrors

To give your bathroom that extra pizzazz, create a custom mirrored wall behind the vanity to brighten the room and make it feel more open. Layering a wall with mirrors not only creates an illusion of added space but also adds glamour and dimension to the bathroom. Mirrored walls can also serve as a functional storage solution, with hidden cabinets or shelving behind them.

35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (42)

Introduce bathroom art for a curated look

Art is what makes a room come together. Why not apply the same approach to your bathroom? Hang a piece of art on the wall that speaks to you. Whether you opt for room-theme images (think landscapes, water, or fish) or add something entirely different, it's going to make this space more personal and enjoyable.

35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (43)

Add wallpaper for a touch of personality

Wallpaper is making a serious comeback and is finding its way into bathrooms. It works exceptionally well in small bathrooms and powder rooms. Choosing a distinctive wallpaper pattern can transform a mundane space into a lively oasis, inviting creativity and charm. For instance, a patterned print can introduce texture and drama to your bathroom design.

35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (44)


In revamping your bathroom, consider implementing features that blend function and fashion. Wall-to-wall mirrors can elevate the sense of space, while integrated storage keeps the area organized. Embrace a rustic flair by infusing natural materials like stone, or create depth with textured wallpapers that are once again en vogue.

Art isn't just for living spaces. Incorporating artwork into your bathroom personalizes and completes the look. And for those who want a dash of character, distinctive wallpaper patterns can turn a simple bathroom into a vibrant sanctuary. Plan your dream bathroom using tools like Planner 5D, an intuitive design tool that makes any renovation project easy and fun.

Design your dream bathroom with Planner 5D

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How do you plan a bathroom layout?

Start by assessing the available space to ensure it can accommodate essential fixtures like the sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower. Consider the room's natural flow to ensure you have enough clearance for doors to open and provide ample space to move comfortably. Set a budget for your project to help you stay on track and avoid unexpected costs.

What adds the most value to a bathroom?

Updated fixtures, quality of materials, and overall aesthetic appeal can add value to your bathroom design. Features like dual sinks, modern showers, and freestanding tubs are popular and attractive to potential buyers.

What do you remodel first in a bathroom?

When starting a bathroom remodel, begin with the essentials that require plumbing adjustments, such as the bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink. Focusing on these foundational fixtures ensures the necessary infrastructure is in place before proceeding with cosmetic updates like tiling, painting, or adding bathroom accessories.

What is the best time of year to remodel a bathroom?

Some homeowners prefer to tackle renovations during the warmer months when they can open windows for ventilation or work on outdoor projects simultaneously. Others opt for winter remodeling as contractors are less busy, and materials may be more affordable due to seasonal sales.

What is the ideal size of a bathroom for a bathtub?

For a standard-sized tub, it is recommended to have at least 5 feet by 8 feet of floor space. However, if you prefer a more oversized or luxurious tub, consider a bigger bathroom with around 7 feet by 10 feet of floor space. If in doubt, consult a professional to determine the appropriate size for your tub and bathroom layout.

35 Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 | Planner 5D (2024)
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