25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (2024)

Pinch pots are simple hand-made pottery that your kids can also make! These ideas for pinch pots will let you and your kids explore so many beautiful and creative pinch pot ideas together!

Have a joyful sensory activity day as you create beautiful pots! Plus, they can also be an amazing kid-made gift idea for loved ones!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (1)

Get ready for some cute pinch pot crafts!

Working in clay lets kids be creative and expressive! They will surely love making these ideas!

Cute and Awesome Ideas For Pinch Pots

1. Adorable Clay Planters

These basic pinch pot air-dried clay planters would make a great kid-made gift for anyone who loves growing plants! Such a classy gift idea from Totally The Bomb!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (2)

Lovely plants on lovely pots!

2. Mr. Pinch Pot Turtle

Believe it or not, two pinch pots were used to make this coil of clay turtle! Your kiddos are going to love to see how it’s done. Make an owl too in this tutorial from Glynnis Lessing!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (3)

Cool Mr. Turtle!

3. Pinch Pot Christmas Trees

These pinch pot Christmas tree crafts from Ms. Bandstra’s Art Room are adorable and so rustic! Make these with your young ones and your Christmas bumps and lumps will never be the same again!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (4)

Holidays in pots!

4. Colorful Pinch Pot Bowls

These pinch pot bowls are colorful vessels and a great place to store little family baubles! A cool craft from Color for Everyone that can hold keys, marbles, coins, anything!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (5)

Store anything with these pots!

5. Pinch Pot Piggy Bank

Know why this piggy is smiling? Because he’s actually going to be a ball of clay handmade piggy bank! Yes, your kids can handle this pinch pot craft from Art With Ms. Long too!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (6)

Happy pinch pot piggy bank!

6. Cute Pinch Pot Pets

These pinch pot pet crafts from Cassie Stephens have as much personality as the kids who made them. So clay ball adorable! These are great for developing pinch pot technique!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (7)

These pinch pot animals are so cute!

7. DIY Sumerian Statues

Your child can make pinch pot sculptures that are like the Sumerian statues in this tutorial from Art Is Basic. Perfect for mother’s day!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (8)

These statues are not so ancient!

8. Pinch Pot Sea Beast

It’s so much easier than you’d imagine making this large-mouthed pinch pot sea beast with an acrylic paint craft from Emo Portfolio! This fun creature comes out of the kiln crazy! great for developing pinching technique

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (9)

Scarily cute pinch pot sea monster!

9. Beautiful Clay Lotus

This medium glaze clay lotus craft by Create Art with Me is so zen and beautiful. Your kids are going to be so proud of their work when they make this one. Their centre of the clay!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (10)

This clay lotus is so lovely!

10. Adorable Pinch Pots with Lids

These pinch pots with lid crafts from Handmade Charlotte will give you a great place to tuck things away in shared bedrooms or maybe bathroom counters! They all look like bottle caps!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (11)

Clay pinch pots with covers are so cool!

11. Pinch Pot Hunny Bear

This pinch pot hunny bear project is scared you’ll steal his bounty… which makes him all the more adorable! Let your kiddo make this cute craft from Being Cr8iv!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (12)

Don’t steal his honey!

12. Pinch Pot Planter with Hair

This pinch pot planter from HSES Arty Party uses the plant as hair! Your kiddos will bang their heads with glee when they made this craft!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (13)

Awesome hair for a inch pot!

13. Silly-Faced Pinch Pot Mug

Make this silly-faced pinch pot mug project with your older kiddos! You’ll be keeping this cute craft from Create Art with Me for years!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (14)

So silly for a mug!

14. Frog Pinch Pot Project

Looks like this frog has his eye (and tongue) aimed at something delicious! Make this clay craft from K-8 Art with your kids!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (15)

This frog is just eating something yummy!

15. Cute Pinch Pot Fish

This pinch pot fish clay project from That Artist Woman is beautiful and would make a great addition to your living room mantle!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (16)

This fish clay pot is adorable!

16. Whimsical Pinch Pot Fairy House

If you have a fairy fan in the house, this pinch pot fairy house project from Fun Art for Kids is something they will love working on!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (17)

This is just so magical!

17. Sweet Pinch Pot Cupcake

Let your kids make an adorable sweet pinch pot treat with this super frosted cupcake design from ArtSonia!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (18)

Looks like a real cupcake!

18. Cute Pinch Pot Cow

This little clay cow project from Mrs. Willie’s Art Room would be so cute in your kitchen, would she?

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (19)

This cow will go moo-moo!

19. Colored Pinch Pot Bowls

These colored pinch pot bowls from Hello, Wonderful are great to make with your kids, then use as sorting bins for color-related games! These ceramic pinch pots are an easy basic shape, making them an easiest way to start a lesson about pinch pots!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (20)

Time for some color sorting games!

20. Pinch Pots with Intricate Designs

Your kids can come up with intricate designs for their pinch pot bowls (unavailable) and make lasting art you’re going to love for years! Check out these ideas from First Palette! These are great for expressing creativity! This colorful pinch pottery also acts as great household items.

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (21)

Clay can have beautiful, intricate designs!

21. Cool Clay Pendants

These clay pendants from Artolazzi look as beautiful as anything bought at the store, but they’re entirely kid-made! The grooves and dots on these make for great ornamentation.

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (22)

Clay pendants for kids? Easy peasy!

22. Black and White Pinch Pots

How beautiful are these black and white designs on pinch pot clay from Meet The Masters? Let your kids make these!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (23)

Yay for black and white crafts!

23. Monster with a Wide Mouth!

This wide-mouth monster is super adorable and super easy to make with your kids! Just follow the steps from Elementary Art Gallery!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (24)

This monster will go raaaaawr!

24. Sweet Pinch Pot Apple Dishes

How sweet are these apple dishes? Your kids can make these crafts from Amazon AWS and give them to their teachers for teacher appreciation week!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (25)

Sweet clay apples here!

25. Cool Pinch Pot Creatures

Doesn’t it look like these pinch pot creatures are just waiting for you to rub their tummies? What a silly clay idea from Color and Collage!

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (26)

Scratch your tummy!

More Fun Ideas For Pinch Pots From Play Ideas!

  • Dried orange slices can be craft supplies for pinch pots. Read here for instructions to do crafts with dried orange slices.
  • We have found some DIY Halloween crafts you can make with pinch pots. Use your imagination to create spooky pinch pots!
  • Hit the start button on your imagination with fairy crafts. Check out dozens of fairy and ideas for pinch pots in the backyard, front, or inside of the house.
  • Let your kids explore the world around them with interactive activities and experiments on weather and pinch pots.
  • Get inspired to spend time in the great outdoors with these ideas for outdoor activities and ideas for pinch pots.
  • Learn how to make pinch pots, a three-part paper craft that can be transformed into a Ninja Turtle!
  • Fossils serve as great crafting materials. Here are some ideas and instructions for making pinch pots out of common fossils.
25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (27)

Which of these cute ideas for pinch pots are you making with your little ones today?

25 Ideas For Pinch Pots For Kids (2024)
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